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Ashton Applewhite – The Time is NOW

Ashton Applewhite holding her keynote speech at the UN

Ashton Applewhite holding her keynote speech at the UN

Ashton Applewhite is an agent against discrimination for age. For many years she is dedicating herself to create an Anti-Ageism-Movement. She is a keynote speaker in many important places like the UN commission for Ageism (we talked about that before), and she also gave us the honor to open our series CONSCIOUS AGEING at The Wisdom Factory.

Since the elections in the USA, the landscape has changed dramatically and minorities have all reasons to fear that their discrimination will not only not be alleviated, but reinforced by a president and a government who enjoys fascist ways of thinking and being.

Trump in Hitler posture

Trump in Hitler posture
(Thanks to the artist who is unknown to me)

As native German, I still feel the panic and paralyzation which was the consequence of these thoughts and this propaganda brought over my country and the rest of the world. Not to speak of the atrocious cruelties and the millions of eliminated humans as the logical follow up of what an ill mind can create and press on others. In a fascist society, minorities are considered useless and worthless parasites – where they deduce the entitlement to neglect them, humiliate them and finally kill them. 

Well, the new American president was elected democratically – like Hitler in 1933. Let’s hope that our democracy of today is strong enough to win over the challenges and to be reborn on a different and more mature and strong level. 

Coming back to Ashton Applewhite: I invite you to read this short article of hers on Forbes and to co-create with her the Anti-Ageism-Movement.

The Time is NOW – otherwise, it might be too late! 


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