Spiritual lessons that ripen with age – a conversation with Terry Patten

Life is a journey. We all know that the more we are walking along the path, one day after the other, from one year to the next, until we find ourselves "old". When that point comes in life is different for everyone, but some day there comes the recognition that we have gone ahead, that our life has changed and with that the way we are living it and the expectations and ideas we have about it. Some of us might have started a spiritual journey in early years. Religious beliefs were available to us from childhood and since the 60ies of the past century also what we call “spirituality”. Many of us call ourselves “spiritual, but not religious” and it seems to make a huge difference. Well, I am not [...]

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Longevity can be learned

Getting older is inevitable - but how you age is not Every year SAND (Science and Non-Duality) is organising a conference in USA and here in Italy, not far from where I live. Fortunately, many contributions are published on YouTube and lately we found this one about AGEING. The tendency of us humans to believe in the stories which our culture teaches us and then behave accordingly is not yet recognized fully. The talk by Mario Martinez (watch the video above) shows it very clearly and encourages us to "change our minds", literally. Mario Martinez has done research on more than 300 people older than 100 to discover how they see life and how they got there. One of the many things he found out is the importance of rituals, or good [...]

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David Harry Stewart: PHOTO-THERAPIST!

  David Harry Stewart Heidi and I interviewed the high end fashion and advertising photographer, David Harry Stewart, as part of our "Conscious Ageing" series that you can find on our website, I, if not Heidi, approached the conversation with some trepidation because David is a very talented artist, which is a "genre" of person whom I've always held in a bit of awe, like another kind of creature in contrast to me.  So how would we relate personally? Luckily, he turned promptly into a human who was very personable and seemed interested in who we were also.  Thus the talk flowed quite easily among the three of us so that as we got "into it" some insights emerged.  One of those I want to talk about. As he [...]

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Sameness or difference – what is better for a good relationship?

When we get older we probably have had our experience with sameness in our relationships and also with differences. Maybe you have come to the conclusion about what is better, sameness or difference? Which is better? What do we want in a relationship? Sameness If you made a list of what you want in an intimate relationship you probably would name love mutual understanding sexual attraction harmony collaboration and probably other items for which we long and which we haven't experienced fully in our previous relationships.   In the Conscious Ageing series, we talked with Michaela Boehm who gave us some interesting insights into why we don't get what we want - as long as we want always everything at the same time. When we and our partner have a lot [...]

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How love increases and happiness enters life

Life is all about love - even if we don’t want to admit it. We desperately need the love from our caregivers in childhood and later we search love in our relationships. And all our life long we are trying to figure out how love increases and with that our happiness. Happiness enters our life when we FEEL happy with whatever happens in or around us! - That seems to be a contradiction in itself: how can you feel happy when unfortunate things occur, when you lose your job or a loved one? What is happiness? Sitting - a spiritual practice which can lead to equanimity Well, we are talking about 2 different ways happiness is understood. Often people think they will be happy when they have reached x, or [...]

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Ageing is a taboo topic – why?

AGEING is a taboo topic - probably because it is connected with DEATH - and everyone fears death and tries to avoid it. Well, we all know that we cannot avoid death, this is the only certainty we have in life, but we don't want to be reminded that our time on earth is limited. Collectively we live in fear of death and hope in magical thinking that it won't visit us if we don't speak about it - with the result that the FEAR increases into excessive levels. What if we knew that dying is a great experience? Love and light is expecting us and we will literally "come home"? There is a lot of evidence that our death will be an incredible experience. Below I will post some videos regarding [...]

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Where do you want to arrive in your life ?

What do you want in your life as a young person? What do we Desire from Life From early on we are asked - and we ask ourselves: where do you want to arrive in your life? As a teenager or young adult, it seems to be all about the profession and about love and creating a family. Later the focus shifts to being successful in our career, as parents or in whatever else we are doing. Then, very often between 40 and 50, there comes a moment of crisis, of re-orientation, of thinking over our goals and our values. This happens often in consequence of the children leaving home, the spouse getting oriented elsewhere or a burnout at work. Other scenarios are possible, like losing the job, encountering bankruptcy etc. They [...]

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What to do to become wise and calm when getting older?

When you realize that life is not eternal you most likely ask yourself questions like "What can I do to become wise and calm now that I am getting older?". For someone, it starts around the 50ies birthday, for others later or even earlier. It is the eternal quest: Why do we live here on earth and what are we meant to be and to do. The 4 Quadrants - Spiral Dynamics Integral NL Integral Theory gives us a good map about what to consider when we want to give answers to questions of whatever kind. Regarding our personal life, Ken WILBER, TERRY PATTEN (who will be guest in our Conscious Ageing Series, too) and 2 others have written a most valuable book "INTEGRAL LIFE PRACTICE" which gives indications and [...]

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The Possibilities when Getting Older

Possibility through the energy of our heart So what are our possibilities - especially when getting older? Since the New Age times, we believe that we have infinite possibilities - if we only think positive. Well, this is right and not right. It is not just that you WANT something and then it HAPPENS - although many promoters of the Law of Attraction try to make us believe. They are not wrong, but things are not so simple as they tell people - who then get frustrated if it didn't work out for them. In "The Science of Possibility" Jon Freeman talks about similar things which can happen, about our potential to make them happen - and about the difficulty to open up the potential and allow it to become [...]

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Did you know that discrimination by age is called AGEISM?

Martin Luther King fought against discrimination and Racism In the last Century, people brought awareness to the  discrimination of certain parts of the population. First, it was all about RACISM, the request for the decent inclusion of people of a different race into society. Talking about America it certainly was about the inclusion of the African Americans as full citizens. With the rise of the 6th level of consciousness in the 6oies and the upcoming Feminism, SEXISM entered into the awareness of our Western Societies. The discrimination of women was so natural in patriarchy, it needed the often even violent expression of Women opposing men - the fight against Sexism begins With the rise of the 6th level of consciousness in the 6oies and the upcoming Feminism, SEXISM entered into [...]

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