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Easy Stress Reduction in 12 Minutes

Stress makes our lives difficult. We hear a lot about the necessity of stress reduction. Why? Being stressed continuously leads to becoming anxious and nervous and this is not a good way to live: it increases the probability of getting sick, of making bad decisions, of ageing quicker and of getting unhappy or even depressed. You might think: "I am just a person who is easily stressed and anxious, I cannot do anything about that". No! This is not true. You can do A LOT about it and it "costs" you only 12 minutes per day! Recently we had Dr.Helen Lavretsky as guest in our Wisdom Factory Series "CONSCIOUS AGEING" where she shared with us the results of her research about RESILIENCE, the ability to live our lives in a good and satisfying [...]

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Spiritual lessons that ripen with age – a conversation with Terry Patten

Life is a journey. We all know that the more we are walking along the path, one day after the other, from one year to the next, until we find ourselves "old". When that point comes in life is different for everyone, but some day there comes the recognition that we have gone ahead, that our life has changed and with that the way we are living it and the expectations and ideas we have about it. Some of us might have started a spiritual journey in early years. Religious beliefs were available to us from childhood and since the 60ies of the past century also what we call “spirituality”. Many of us call ourselves “spiritual, but not religious” and it seems to make a huge difference. Well, I am not [...]

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Did you ever think about those people getting older?

Alone and forgotten We are talking a lot about people getting older in our society. We are trying to figure out what the best way would be, how we can live longer and happier, - and that is great. But actually nobody talks about those whose life is taking place outside of our societies. We don't really talk ever about those who, for one reason or another, are kept in prison and who are not as young as we normally think prisoners would be. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of prisoners are male and under 30. What about those, again mostly men, who are getting old in prison? Who is interested about their aging process and the difficulties they face with it in the same ways as everyone else? [...]

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Riding horseback – a huge benefit for all ages

We hear and read about the fascination of young girls for riding horseback. When I grew up it was absolutely unaffordable for me and so I never thought about this possibility myself. But I remember envying a school friend who proudly wore her riding pants and boots and made sure that she was something special. Nowadays riding has become more "democratized” and is accessible to more people. Owning a horse is still very expensive and time consuming, but at the same time it can give deep meaning to one’s life to enter into deep friendship with such an amazing animal. And today you can be a co-owner of a horse or just a “caretaker” of someone else’s animal. So why not try? Horses can be Catalysts for Healthy Ageing  The Message of [...]

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Age without Ageism

SUSAN FARLING was a guest in our CONSCIOUS AGEING show. You don’t have to be old to be a victim of ageism. Ageism is the lens through which we see people: either someone is "too young" or "too old", rarely "just right" in terms of AGE and this can vary from one moment to the other dependent on the context of the situation. I am sure you have met many of those moments where you were told such a verdict: Teens are too young to have a bank account but too old for playing with dolls or toy cars. In our times in which pretty soon for every younger person there are 2 people over 60 the topic AGEISM becomes ever more important because older people will be the clear majority [...]

Women and horses – a beneficial relationship in all ages

Many people are fascinated by horses and girls are said to especially love horses and riding horseback. In my youth it was a fashion to do gymnastics on moving horses, "equestrian vaulting", too expensive then for me to ever think of. And horses are high, too dangerous, I might fall off! So I really never entered into close contact with horses except touching and stroking their big head sometimes when I knew it was not dangerous. I love animals and i admire and respect horses, I find them really beautiful creatures and I have read about deep friendships between horses and humans. And now comes Alice MacGillivray and tells us that getting in contact and even riding horses in the older years of our lives is something really amazing and beneficial! Incredible, [...]

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Evolutionary Peer Mentoring and Growth Groups

A conversation with REY CARR in TheWisdomFactory.Net Where do you go and search for help when you have problems? You buy a self-help book? You subscribe for a course? You go to a therapist or a to a doctor, to a friend or you connect with your mentor? Or you sit at home, alone, and you hope that the problem will resolve itself, sooner or later. There are many strategies to deal with the difficulties which all of us encounter in life and probably people will chose different strategies in accordance with their mindset and also to their age. Children probably ask their parents, young people their friends. Whom do older people ask? Older people often live in  the predicament to believe that they should have figured all things out, that they [...]

How we elders can bring up future leaders

Why don't we have trustworthy and gifted leaders in the world? - We are not taught leadership skills but instead all sort of stuff which is part of the old fashioned school programs and which in our times have only little potential to prepare kids for their lives, let alone to be future leaders. Fre Jones We elders have the chance to step out of the traditional system and think out of the box - as Fred Jones does for many years. His Toastmasters experience brought him to the idea to work with young people in a very unique and amazing way which enables them to practice the skills which they will need to become good leaders. How? Playing together structured role plays where everyone has a certain role and [...]

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Wellness and Prevention for the Third Half of Life with Hans Parge

"May y'all live young, do good and prosper" - This is the slogan of Hans Parge with which he reminds us of the necessary mindset for getting older with every post on Facebook. In the conversation with Hans Parge held in The Wisdom Factory earlier this year we discuss with him the various health care systems and the importance of changing the approach to health and healing. "Functional Medicine" is a very promising new approach which sees humans from a holistic perspective and not merely like a body which needs to be repaired like a machine when it doesn't work well. See the timestamps below to find out what we were talking about in the video. 00:00 Introductions and suggestions for listening/watching 04:50 What has it all been leading to? [...]

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Age is a state of mind with Connie Corley

Connie Corley is the go-to person when it comes to questions about getting older. She is convinced that age is a state of mind and she is passionately working to create a better life for people who are facing the later years of their lives. We in The Wisdom Factory have interviewed her twice. In this post you find the second interview we had with her inside the CONSCIOUS AGEING series for which she has been an important inspiration. We are covering many topics, for instance at minute 16:10 The Senior Moment phrase, replace with Senior Momentum! 17:14 Internalized stereotypes of ageing and attitude 21:40 Feelings about “anti-ageing” concepts and vocabulary If you feel inspired, please watch the video here or on YouTube - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! Connie has [...]

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