A conversation with REY CARR in TheWisdomFactory.Net

Where do you go and search for help when you have problems? You buy a self-help book? You subscribe for a course? You go to a therapist or a to a doctor, to a friend or you connect with your mentor? Or you sit at home, alone, and you hope that the problem will resolve itself, sooner or later.

There are many strategies to deal with the difficulties which all of us encounter in life and probably people will chose different strategies in accordance with their mindset and also to their age. Children probably ask their parents, young people their friends. Whom do older people ask?

Older people often live in  the predicament to believe that they should have figured all things out, that they should know and not ask for help, especially not younger people while they expect that younger people ask them for help and advice. So what are they supposed to do to get help?

There seems to be a common theme with older and old people: they go to their medical doctor with some real or imaginary complaint, just to have someone listen to them or even somehow touch their body which in older age often has a touch deficit especially for those older people who live alone. This seems to be an unfortunate solution: you need to be ill to have somebody listen to you and take you seriously.

Rey Carr, the guest in the above episode of our show CONSCIOUS AGEING, presents a much better solution:


People of a similar age group or in similar life conditions come together and just talk. They listen to each other and, if asked for, they explore together possible solutions for the problems. There is no authority, a doctor, teacher or therapist. Sometimes a facilitator of the process, but people talk to each other as peers, they are at the same level and give each other the same recognition, attention and respect.

For older people, especially when they live alone, this can be not only a life altering experience, sometimes it is life-saving as they can find again their sense of purpose in life, their enthusiasm and their energy which sometimes seem to get lost with the years when meaningful activities are lacking.

We, Heidi and Mark from The Wisdom Factory, are very inspired by the conversation with Rey Carr (Watch the video above or on our event page where you find many additional infos). We got the idea to set up similar groups online for those of us who don’t have people nearby to meet in person on a regular basis.

If you are interested in participating in such a group, please contact us via contact form

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