Here’s a snippet from a recent thread on our Facebook page, “Masterminding Integral Ageing”.
Albert Klamt is a frequent poster there and here he is responding to another regular, Ian Blair Hamilton, who has asked him, Albert, about about choosing one goal for himself.
I have somewhat tortured Facebook’s format for legibility.

And besides the discussion, you’ll meet a great new word to add to your vocabulary!
 Ian Blair Hamilton If you had to choose one goal what would it be?
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Ian Blair Hamilton Yes, but just supposing….


Albert Klamt Goals are subsets of the general flexflow. Like passing an examination…. Life in general is adventure for me. And the final purpose might never be clear enough. As a veteran like Jung knew. what he said after his 80th birthday was so clear, so humble and so inspiring.


Mark Davenport So many exams! You might say that passing them IS my goal, ever changing but headed in some coddiwomplish direction.


Albert Klamt Maybe film script or screenplay is better and more complex than goal setting. One of my former trainers offered courses as advanced modes of goal setting. A good film script is rich in tension arcs and dramaturgy. Robert Fritz is aiming towards similar structural work. As he calls it:

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