Getting older is inevitable – but how you age is not

Every year SAND (Science and Non-Duality) is organising a conference in USA and here in Italy, not far from where I live. Fortunately, many contributions are published on YouTube and lately we found this one about AGEING. The tendency of us humans to believe in the stories which our culture teaches us and then behave accordingly is not yet recognized fully. The talk by Mario Martinez (watch the video above) shows it very clearly and encourages us to “change our minds”, literally.

Mario Martinez has done research on more than 300 people older than 100 to discover how they see life and how they got there. One of the many things he found out is the importance of rituals, or good daily habits, which lead people along their lives. In our times where religious rituals are dismissed and other powerful ones are hardly followed, it is a good reminder to co-create our lives consciously and to not give up into consumerism, nihilism or any other ism, but to find meaningful ways to fill our days until the last one will arrive – and, if we wish, have it arrive later.