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Evolutionary Peer Mentoring and Growth Groups

A conversation with REY CARR in TheWisdomFactory.Net Where do you go and search for help when you have problems? You buy a self-help book? You subscribe for a course? You go to a therapist or a to a doctor, to a friend or you connect with your mentor? Or you sit at home, alone, and you hope that the problem will resolve itself, sooner or later. There are many strategies to deal with the difficulties which all of us encounter in life and probably people will chose different strategies in accordance with their mindset and also to their age. Children probably ask their parents, young people their friends. Whom do older people ask? Older people often live in  the predicament to believe that they should have figured all things out, that they [...]

How to keep the brain alive and make longevity easy

Can you do something for longevity? Singing together for performance There are many proven ways to keep our brains alive and to work towards longevity. For instance engaging in music, especially in singing, is a good way to enhance the connection between the two brain hemispheres. If you sing in a choir there is the additional benefit the social connection with the others and the flow experiences when you participate in an exhibition. Hands of an older person playing the piano Playing the piano is commonly known as one of the most challenging tasks for the brain, especially when played at first sight: you need to translate what you see in no time into your 10 fingers. Imagine an organ player who is using his feet, too, independently from [...]

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