Red heart on wood with words im - possible

Possibility through the energy of our heart

So what are our possibilities – especially when getting older?

Since the New Age times, we believe that we have infinite possibilities – if we only think positive. Well, this is right and not right. It is not just that you WANT something and then it HAPPENS – although many promoters of the Law of Attraction try to make us believe. They are not wrong, but things are not so simple as they tell people – who then get frustrated if it didn’t work out for them.

In “The Science of Possibility” Jon Freeman talks about similar things which can happen, about our potential to make them happen – and about the difficulty to open up the potential and allow it to become reality.

We don’t want to age when we get older. Is this possible? And how can we take care for “staying in shape”? Or would it be possible to be immortal? Would we even want to live forever? Can we avoid aging just by our own decision? Or do we need a field of combined new ways of thinking and orienting the activities of our minds?

Watch the recorded live conversation about our POSSIBILITIES

These questions were discussed in the conversation with Jon Freeman inside the series CONSCIOUS AGEING of THE WISDOM FACTORY.

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