When you realize that life is not eternal you most likely ask yourself questions like “What can I do to become wise and calm now that I am getting older?”. For someone, it starts around the 50ies birthday, for others later or even earlier. It is the eternal quest: Why do we live here on earth and what are we meant to be and to do.

The 4 Quadrants

The 4 Quadrants – Spiral Dynamics Integral NL

Integral Theory gives us a good map about what to consider when we want to give answers to questions of whatever kind. Regarding our personal life, Ken WILBER, TERRY PATTEN (who will be guest in our Conscious Ageing Series, too) and 2 others have written a most valuable book “INTEGRAL LIFE PRACTICE” which gives indications and exercises which have the potential to bring us to the goal of wisdom and calmness – not only when getting older, but at any age.

In our Conscious Ageing series, we talked with Monika Frühwirth, one of the “early adaptors” of Integral Theory in the German speaking countries. She explains a little what “integral” is and how the movement has developed. And first of all she talks about the benefits she has experienced by following the lines of such a life practice.

Listen to Monika’s words, but more so, listen to her being, her expression in real life of what we are talking about: She has the full awareness of what is going on, in herself and in the world, and she can be quiet, confident, calm and enjoy life deeply!