Age and Ageing: a challenge also for men

The problems of women getting older are widely discussed. Considerations of needing to “stay young” for to be noticed by society and especially by men lead to extensive use of cosmetics and even plastic surgery for women. But men? Except of very few, like Michael Jackson and Silvio Berlusconi, they don’t care much about the wrinkles in their faces or their grey hair. It seems to make them even more attractive, often to much younger women who might see the father in them which they had never had in their young years.

So why bother about men getting older? They can be 70 and marry a 30 year old women. Everything fine, yes?

Not really. Men are stuck in a different dynamics than women. In Silicon Valley they are “too old” when they touch 35 and in “normal professions” their probability to find a decent job in their field of expertise when over 50 decreases immensely. And men without work have a hard time to keep up with life. They very often create their life purpose around their work and how successful they are there, how much money they make, how well they can provide for their families and so on. So the loss of work either by unbalanced competition in the “youth era” or by retirement pushes them into severe crisis.

In addition they often feel like failing in their private life as their wives and daughters don’t accept their way of being and ask them to be “different” – and they have no idea what that would mean. They often are clumsy in their family relationships, they haven’t learned to communicate, they haven’t done the inner work while their wives often have. So they find themselves overwhelmed by an unknown situation without having means in their habitual toolbox to meet the challenges

Do you need some inspiration?

We have created this website and the live broadcasts “CONSCIOUS AGEING” to help you to find a new and encouraging perspective on your life and the fact that you are getting older, day by day. In this post we present to you the conversation we had with Dr. Oren Amitay, clinical psychotherapist who is deeply interested in helping people to master difficult situations in their lives. He is taking a stand for freedom of speech publicly, together with Dr. Jordan Peterson, to encourage people to see thorough the ideological framework of contemporary sociology and psychology. He is helping parents to find their way through modern trends of their kids being fascinated of “becoming” transsexual or gay (when they actually are not but touch the ground during their growing up process in a very common and natural way.) 

In this conversation with Dr. Amitay we focus on the challenges which men meet in our society, with special focus on ageing men. His rich experience leads to important insights and suggestions for you to meet this crucial period of your life with positive energy and prospective. Enjoy the video.