We hear and read about the fascination of young girls for riding horseback. When I grew up it was absolutely unaffordable for me and so I never thought about this possibility myself. But I remember envying a school friend who proudly wore her riding pants and boots and made sure that she was something special.

Nowadays riding has become more “democratized” and is accessible to more people. Owning a horse is still very expensive and time consuming, but at the same time it can give deep meaning to one’s life to enter into deep friendship with such an amazing animal. And today you can be a co-owner of a horse or just a “caretaker” of someone else’s animal. So why not try?

Horses can be Catalysts for Healthy Ageing  The Message of Alice MacGillivray


A 92-year old women on her horse

A 92-year old women on her horse

If you believe that you are too old for such a thing, well, be reminded that beliefs are just beliefs and can be changed. There are examples of older women riding horseback like the 92 year old Ginny Wegener

This picture is taken from the presentation which Alice MacGillivray has offered in our conversation at the Wisdom Factory. You can watch the recording in the above video and visit the event-page for the download of the presentation and other information.

Alice herself began to realise her dream of being with a horse only at age 60 and she is absolutly enthusiastic about what she has been given by the contact with the animal. She has written a book “Riding Horseback in Purple”in which she describes her experience and gives advice to older women how they, too, can enter into this sort of experience and live their dream of younger years without fear or preoccupation.


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