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Easy Stress Reduction in 12 Minutes

Stress makes our lives difficult. We hear a lot about the necessity of stress reduction. Why? Being stressed continuously leads to becoming anxious and nervous and this is not a good way to live: it increases the probability of getting sick, of making bad decisions, of ageing quicker and of getting unhappy or even depressed. You might think: "I am just a person who is easily stressed and anxious, I cannot do anything about that". No! This is not true. You can do A LOT about it and it "costs" you only 12 minutes per day! Recently we had Dr.Helen Lavretsky as guest in our Wisdom Factory Series "CONSCIOUS AGEING" where she shared with us the results of her research about RESILIENCE, the ability to live our lives in a good and satisfying [...]

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What can Men Do When Getting Older? – Dr. Oren Amitay in The Wisdom Factory

Age and Ageing: a challenge also for men The problems of women getting older are widely discussed. Considerations of needing to "stay young" for to be noticed by society and especially by men lead to extensive use of cosmetics and even plastic surgery for women. But men? Except of very few, like Michael Jackson and Silvio Berlusconi, they don't care much about the wrinkles in their faces or their grey hair. It seems to make them even more attractive, often to much younger women who might see the father in them which they had never had in their young years. So why bother about men getting older? They can be 70 and marry a 30 year old women. Everything fine, yes? Not really. Men are stuck in a different dynamics than [...]

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Spiritual lessons that ripen with age – a conversation with Terry Patten

Life is a journey. We all know that the more we are walking along the path, one day after the other, from one year to the next, until we find ourselves "old". When that point comes in life is different for everyone, but some day there comes the recognition that we have gone ahead, that our life has changed and with that the way we are living it and the expectations and ideas we have about it. Some of us might have started a spiritual journey in early years. Religious beliefs were available to us from childhood and since the 60ies of the past century also what we call “spirituality”. Many of us call ourselves “spiritual, but not religious” and it seems to make a huge difference. Well, I am not [...]

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Longevity can be learned

Getting older is inevitable - but how you age is not Every year SAND (Science and Non-Duality) is organising a conference in USA and here in Italy, not far from where I live. Fortunately, many contributions are published on YouTube and lately we found this one about AGEING. The tendency of us humans to believe in the stories which our culture teaches us and then behave accordingly is not yet recognized fully. The talk by Mario Martinez (watch the video above) shows it very clearly and encourages us to "change our minds", literally. Mario Martinez has done research on more than 300 people older than 100 to discover how they see life and how they got there. One of the many things he found out is the importance of rituals, or good [...]

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