If you really want to know what got us excited about this whole ageing business, look no further than this woman.
Ashton Applewhite is a New Yorker who has honestly and courageously looked both at her own progress as she has grown from a child to a young person to someone now in full maturity at the consequences of growing up in the twentieth and now the twenty first centuries with all the baggage that goes along with that history.  she describes herself as a feminist but more importantly as the defender of people who see themselves as “victims” of an centuries old system which uses up the energy and vitality of youth, pitting it against the inevitable “decline” (in some respects) that begins to be “assigned” to those of us who routinely begin to feel the stereotypes of ageing that begin at ever younger years in this youth oriented culture.  The especially pernicious aspect of these stereotypes are displayed even in our own perceptions of ourselves.  We buy the judgements  of the larger society.  It’s like a black person judging them self for being black, or a woman for being female!

Below the image is a link to her blog that she wrote in response to an Opinion piece she had been asked to write by The New York Times. (The link to that original piece is in her post below.)

Our right feisty Ashton Applewhite

The right feisty Ms. Ashton Applewhite explains why she does what she does: https://thischairrocks.com/blog/