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Goal setting; Some thoughts

Here's a snippet from a recent thread on our Facebook page, "Masterminding Integral Ageing". Albert Klamt is a frequent poster there and here he is responding to another regular, Ian Blair Hamilton, who has asked him, Albert, about about choosing one goal for himself. I have somewhat tortured Facebook's format for legibility. And besides the discussion, you'll meet a great new word to add to your vocabulary!  Ian Blair Hamilton If you had to choose one goal what would it be?   Albert Klamt There is no one goal. Ian Blair Hamilton Yes, but just supposing....    Albert Klamt Goals are subsets of the general flexflow. Like passing an examination.... Life in general is adventure for me. And the final purpose might never be clear enough. As a veteran like Jung knew. what he said [...]

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David Harry Stewart: PHOTO-THERAPIST!

  David Harry Stewart Heidi and I interviewed the high end fashion and advertising photographer, David Harry Stewart, as part of our "Conscious Ageing" series that you can find on our website, I, if not Heidi, approached the conversation with some trepidation because David is a very talented artist, which is a "genre" of person whom I've always held in a bit of awe, like another kind of creature in contrast to me.  So how would we relate personally? Luckily, he turned promptly into a human who was very personable and seemed interested in who we were also.  Thus the talk flowed quite easily among the three of us so that as we got "into it" some insights emerged.  One of those I want to talk about. As he [...]

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Good News about Altzheimer’s!

Some actual "hard" science here and I'm talking about objective facts about the human body as official science currently understands the feared form of dementia so many older people fear, Alzheimer's! Lisa Genova in this 13 minute TedTalk reviews how the connections between neurons "plug up" and eventually can destroy the connections within the brain that physiologically account for memory. Then after listing all the bad habits that can speed up that destruction, she reveals how to bypass those blocked connections with some active living! I like what she said because it greatly reduced the vague apprehension that nags me every time I forget where I left my keys, but she does say that if I left them, say, in the refrigerator, maybe I should be concerned. Thanks to my friend, Ian [...]

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What to say to an “Alternate Ageist”

But if you don't know what an "Alternate Ageist" is, how will you know if you meet one, let alone "engage" one? With the administration of #45 now 100 days in office, alternate facts, alternate truths, alternate realities, etc. are in vogue - so I'm using "Alternate Ageist" in that quasi-political context to mean someone who denies or is ignorant of the existence of Ageism itself. That denial or ignorance can be compounded by not including ourselves in that benighted group - as the 10 point list below may demonstrate. Simply put, how many of these points have we each believed to be true...or worse, reasonable? Do we know what to say when confronted with these seemingly "truthy" (thank you, Stephen Colbert!) remarks we may hear from those around us. Recently that [...]

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Die young as late as possible

An old Facebook friend, Albert Klamt, suggested I contact a certain Hans Parge whose slogan, Die young as late as possible, made him an interesting addition to our list of proposed guests for our series on Conscious Ageing. Hans Parge I contacted him and we soon did meet via Skype for a face to face...and it felt like he was interviewing me! Curious, I went along with this approach, feeling for sometime like he was seeing if I was someone to take seriously. OK, I can understand “vetting” an interviewer, and he did speak to me with every courtesy and politeness as he inquired. But I needed to see if he was right for our show as well. I came to understand that he had worked for big pharmaceutical firms [...]

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Choose Between Agist, Ageist, Agism,Ageism, Aging, and Ageing

We're already a few months into this Ageism/Ageist/Ageing project! And what do those terms mean? We've never yet really defined how we use them - not and not in our pages in Facebook or Google+. And they need some definition, judging by the looks we get when we mention them in conversation. Being rather deeply immersed in the subject, we do use the words and are consistent in what WE mean!  So, just so we are all on the same page, let's look a bit closer. Fortunately we don't have to reinvent this wheel as someone we admire has already done that. But first we do have to explain our spelling. Often in the U.S. we see the spelling "Agist" -  which we don't like partly as the important root of "age" is left out. And [...]

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Caffeine combats dementia? – What every female coffee drinker wants to hear:

What every FEMALE coffee drinker wants to hear! They only studied women so us guys will have to wait.  But if you're a coffee or tea drinker - or even a cola drinker! - this MAY be good news. But be careful, they document only association, not causation. So maybe we caffeinaholics are by type averse to dementia? Click here

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Ashton Applewhite got our juices going!

If you really want to know what got us excited about this whole ageing business, look no further than this woman. Ashton Applewhite is a New Yorker who has honestly and courageously looked both at her own progress as she has grown from a child to a young person to someone now in full maturity at the consequences of growing up in the twentieth and now the twenty first centuries with all the baggage that goes along with that history.  she describes herself as a feminist but more importantly as the defender of people who see themselves as "victims" of an centuries old system which uses up the energy and vitality of youth, pitting it against the inevitable "decline" (in some respects) that begins to be "assigned" to those of us who routinely begin [...]

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Act your Age

“Act your Age”   As unlikely as it appears, both the Scientific American and Alcoholics Anonymous were important moments in my adaptation to learning to act my age.  But if you are short of time or impatient, you can jump below to the final short paragraphs at “Sex is better than ever! Then you can decide whether you’d like to back up and find out how I got to that point.   This is not me but it expresses my confusion. What did it mean to me as a child to hear, “Act your age!”   I don’t think my mother ever explained that to me.  But however confusing, I took it to mean that somehow I should be acting older than I actually was.  This at first made no [...]

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