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Die young as late as possible

An old Facebook friend, Albert Klamt, suggested I contact a certain Hans Parge whose slogan, Die young as late as possible, made him an interesting addition to our list of proposed guests for our series on Conscious Ageing.

Hans Parge

Hans Parge

I contacted him and we soon did meet via Skype for a face to face…and it felt like he was interviewing me! Curious, I went along with this approach, feeling for sometime like he was seeing if I was someone to take seriously. OK, I can understand “vetting” an interviewer, and he did speak to me with every courtesy and politeness as he inquired.

But I needed to see if he was right for our show as well. I came to understand that he had worked for big pharmaceutical firms involved in drug research for several years but there was something less clear about what he’d been doing in recent years since officially “retiring” and striking off on his own. Some kind of alternate preventive health activity intrigued me as did his impeccable and gracious “old world” manners.

We agreed to a longer “technical” talk as we use Google+ Hangouts for our live shows and it does take some preparation for newcomers to use that platform. Thus as the live date approached, we met again and soon resolved those technical issues, leaving us free to talk about the content of the show. Soon both Heidi and I felt confident that he would be a fine guest for our show.

We were not disappointed! Early in the show he recounted an “A-ha!” moment inspired by a Ted Talk with Deepak Chopra and Dean Ornish which claimed that 75% of deaths in the U.S, were due to lifestyle choices.

He had sought a new direction after his years with pharmaceuticals and since then with a new company has developed a procedure that actually measures one’s rate of internal ageing! Nutrition forms a big part of his approach to slowing the typical signs of growing older and he proudly announces, “Die young as late as possible!”

Patient directs his treatment

Patient directs his treatment

Unlike many alternate providers and promoters of health care, Hans happily builds upon his extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals, or better, upon his specialty of crystallography (which describes in detail how proteins are arranged for various purposes within body cells).

He can explain that with some specificity – but without overwhelming you – in our recorded interview at 7 mins/58 secs here: http://thewisdomfactory.net/hans-parge

But after describing what he’s doing, our conversation spread out as we grew more comfortable with one another, and a much more personal story emerged, including his experience with (stopping) smoking.

A pleasant place for treatment

A pleasant place for treatment

And the talk also ranged into some advanced concepts including the differences between the mainstream“standards of care” measures of treatment versus “functional medicine” – which is now emerging with its emphasis on patient care beyond illness care!

We also ranged into “Salutogenics” which stresses the importance of architecture and ambiance as integral to getting and staying well, comparing that to the way, for example, hospitals “decor” can really depress patients. Thus we got much more than we bargained for, not just important information and mind expanding concepts, but also a fine personal relationship in the budding. Priceless!

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