Age is neither good nor bad

Although it is a common behavior in our society it by no means makes any sense. If we allowed ourselves to live – at least for a certain percentage of our lives – from a rational perspective, it should be clear that we cannot avoid the only certainty we have in life: getting older and die. Wouldn’t it be better to prepare for the future and explore what we can do and how we can live in older years?

One thing is certain: when we ignore reality we ignore not only the uncomfortable aspects of it but also the gifts. Changing perspective would allow us to explore the gifts of our older years instead of keeping to stay stuck in complaints about what we are losing.  What do we GAIN? If we are open to this question we – surprisingly or not – will discover that there are many advantages in getting older – which we could never have foreseen in younger years.

Do you need some inspiration?

We have created this website and the live broadcasts “CONSCIOUS AGEING” to help you to find a new and encouraging perspective on your life and the fact that you are getting older, day by day. In this post we present to you the conversation we had with Jon Freeman who has dedicated his life to explore human possibilities above those we have known so far. Enjoy the video.


Btw. Jon Freeman will be our guest again, together with Dr.Barbara Meibom on October 27th talking about Men, Women, and Power in the 21st Century”

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