Can you do something for longevity?


Singing together for performance

There are many proven ways to keep our brains alive and to work towards longevity. For instance engaging in music, especially in singing, is a good way to enhance the connection between the two brain hemispheres. If you sing in a choir there is the additional benefit the social connection with the others and the flow experiences when you participate in an exhibition.

Hands of an older person playing the piano

Hands of an older person playing the piano

Playing the piano is commonly known as one of the most challenging tasks for the brain, especially when played at first sight: you need to translate what you see in no time into your 10 fingers. Imagine an organ player who is using his feet, too, independently from his hands! Incredible!

New pathways in the brain and enriching the net of existing connections

You need to have developed special neuronal pathways by many, many hours of training to become really good at playing an instrument this way. But the benefits open up for you even if you are a beginner and if you keep practicing on the level you are at. The brain will create the new pathways you need to keep fresh and lively. Actually, it is easier with singing, as everybody can sing, no special training required – unless you want to become a performer. Singing just for fun in whatever way is enhancing your brain, many studies talk about that and recommend singing to older people.

Learning a foreign language to keep your brain alive

Mary Hobson

Mary Hobson

Today I want to share with you the article featuring a 90-year-old woman, Mary Hobson,  who around age 60 became a university student to study Russian. Learning languages and engaging in different languages is also known as a perfect challenge for the brain which doesn’t allow its shutting down and getting rusty. It is a great inspiration for whoever fears to get old and to loose mental capacities: Learning keeps us alive, no matter what you learn. Some subjects might be more efficient than others, but learning alone is a great idea for healthy and happy older years.

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