“May y’all live young, do good and prosper” – This is the slogan of Hans Parge with which he reminds us of the necessary mindset for getting older with every post on Facebook.

In the conversation with Hans Parge held in The Wisdom Factory earlier this year we discuss with him the various health care systems and the importance of changing the approach to health and healing. “Functional Medicine” is a very promising new approach which sees humans from a holistic perspective and not merely like a body which needs to be repaired like a machine when it doesn’t work well.

See the timestamps below to find out what we were talking about in the video.

00:00 Introductions and suggestions for listening/watching

04:50 What has it all been leading to?  Hans looks to his (working) roots

06:35 “Stumbling” into a purpose and an “a-ha” moment in 2009

08:00 What is X-ray chrystallography? “Nothing exists except atoms and empty space.  All else is opinion.”  – Democritus

09:35 Hans’s interest in Ageing: measuring ageing and proactive prevention

11:50 Heidi has 2 questions: A machine that measures ageing?  And how do we bring this information out to the public? Rene Dubois’s “Epidemic of Care”

19:50 Case in point: Hans’s experience with smoking

TIMESTAMPS (continues)

21:25 How we pay for care: a disease management engine, treating the 80%

26:00 How we all feel exempt from serious health consequences

27:00 Who can we point the finger at? Hans responds. The empathy and the patience to wait for the pain of staying to exceed the pain of changing.

29:35 American doctors are the only ones who carry liability insurance?

32:20 Differences between “standards of care” and functional medicine.

34:00 Importance of Nature (and women!) as part of functional medicine

37:50 “Salutogenics” in architecture
39:00 Limitations of traditional education, how to correct for our “old age”?

41:50 Our personal interest in our ambience will affect our own “old age” and “The Island where People Forget to Die”

44:00 Special conditions for men as they age

45:30 “The Anatomy of Illness” by Norman Cousins: the importance of laughter and connection

46:55 New (ad)ventures in maturity: self employment with partners by retaining my identity as “Reset Aging with Science”

53:27 How to contact Hans…and us!

57:00 Final words and good-byes.

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