Why don’t we have trustworthy and gifted leaders in the world? – We are not taught leadership skills but instead all sort of stuff which is part of the old fashioned school programs and which in our times have only little potential to prepare kids for their lives, let alone to be future leaders.

Fred Jones with his flower hat

Fre Jones

We elders have the chance to step out of the traditional system and think out of the box – as Fred Jones does for many years. His Toastmasters experience brought him to the idea to work with young people in a very unique and amazing way which enables them to practice the skills which they will need to become good leaders. How? Playing together structured role plays where everyone has a certain role and task for the specific meeting and another for the next. So they learn to “be in the game” from all possible perspectives.

In his groups are young people from 4 to 16 and after a while they become autonomous and his participation is merely a facilitation, observation and encouragement.

What are they playing? Spontaneous speeches, telling jokes and the others giving feedback and then they try out different variations of what they had performed first. In this way children become very self-confident by learning to speak in a coherent way, focused on a topic, addressing the audience in a good way and learning how to be humble and accept feedback as a gift instead as criticism. All these are aspects of a powerful leader of the new paradigm.

Enjoy the video and connect with Fred Jones to get his guidebook. You can do similar processes with the children around you – and you will give a huge contribution for creating a better world!

Freds website OurFutureLeaders.ca


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