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What do you want in your life as a young person?

What do we Desire from Life

From early on we are asked – and we ask ourselves: where do you want to arrive in your life? As a teenager or young adult, it seems to be all about the profession and about love and creating a family. Later the focus shifts to being successful in our career, as parents or in whatever else we are doing. Then, very often between 40 and 50, there comes a moment of crisis, of re-orientation, of thinking over our goals and our values. This happens often in consequence of the children leaving home, the spouse getting oriented elsewhere or a burnout at work. Other scenarios are possible, like losing the job, encountering bankruptcy etc. They all challenge our path which we considered so clear and totally right for us for so many years.

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The breakdown – the turning point

The Turnin Point

For most people, this moment is crucial in their life. Or they try more of the same, they give up, or they open their minds and look out for new ways of meeting their situation. Meditation or self-development courses become important and uncountable books with self-help and spiritual content are consumed in the attempt to understand what life is all about.

Growth and Development – what to choose?

It has become a huge market, the self-growth business. And there are so many options, it is highly confusing for who wants to begin to get oriented for a change in life. If you are lucky you find trustworthy people offering to you reasonable techniques for an affordable price. But there are so many marketers who ride the wave – and offer crap to the inexperienced people. So they end up spending a lot of money – and very likely they learn something, but are not less confused than before.

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What do you REALLY want to manifest in your life?

That’s where Integral Theory comes in. Or better “Integral Life Practice”. Ken Wilber and his colleagues have created a liable guideline for what to do and how to do it, in ways that you can be in charge of your own development and understand what is going on in your life.

A brilliant example in real life

When you watch our conversation with Monika Frühwirt in the CONSCIOUS AGEING series, you can get a glimpse where such a practice can lead. Monika is living the message by being who she is. She has come to wisdom and simplicity which you can directly experience. No need anymore to talk about the own accomplishments, goals, theories and what not. They are there, but not as important as they seem to be in previous stages of life.

Take a peek and enjoy the video!