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How we elders can bring up future leaders

Why don't we have trustworthy and gifted leaders in the world? - We are not taught leadership skills but instead all sort of stuff which is part of the old fashioned school programs and which in our times have only little potential to prepare kids for their lives, let alone to be future leaders. Fre Jones We elders have the chance to step out of the traditional system and think out of the box - as Fred Jones does for many years. His Toastmasters experience brought him to the idea to work with young people in a very unique and amazing way which enables them to practice the skills which they will need to become good leaders. How? Playing together structured role plays where everyone has a certain role and [...]

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Wellness and Prevention for the Third Half of Life with Hans Parge

"May y'all live young, do good and prosper" - This is the slogan of Hans Parge with which he reminds us of the necessary mindset for getting older with every post on Facebook. In the conversation with Hans Parge held in The Wisdom Factory earlier this year we discuss with him the various health care systems and the importance of changing the approach to health and healing. "Functional Medicine" is a very promising new approach which sees humans from a holistic perspective and not merely like a body which needs to be repaired like a machine when it doesn't work well. See the timestamps below to find out what we were talking about in the video. 00:00 Introductions and suggestions for listening/watching 04:50 What has it all been leading to? [...]

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Age is a state of mind with Connie Corley

Connie Corley is the go-to person when it comes to questions about getting older. She is convinced that age is a state of mind and she is passionately working to create a better life for people who are facing the later years of their lives. We in The Wisdom Factory have interviewed her twice. In this post you find the second interview we had with her inside the CONSCIOUS AGEING series for which she has been an important inspiration. We are covering many topics, for instance at minute 16:10 The Senior Moment phrase, replace with Senior Momentum! 17:14 Internalized stereotypes of ageing and attitude 21:40 Feelings about “anti-ageing” concepts and vocabulary If you feel inspired, please watch the video here or on YouTube - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! Connie has [...]

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New possibilities when getting older – Jon Freeman

Age is neither good nor bad Although it is a common behavior in our society it by no means makes any sense. If we allowed ourselves to live - at least for a certain percentage of our lives - from a rational perspective, it should be clear that we cannot avoid the only certainty we have in life: getting older and die. Wouldn't it be better to prepare for the future and explore what we can do and how we can live in older years? One thing is certain: when we ignore reality we ignore not only the uncomfortable aspects of it but also the gifts. Changing perspective would allow us to explore the gifts of our older years instead of keeping to stay stuck in complaints about what we are [...]

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David Harry Stewart: PHOTO-THERAPIST!

  David Harry Stewart Heidi and I interviewed the high end fashion and advertising photographer, David Harry Stewart, as part of our "Conscious Ageing" series that you can find on our website, I, if not Heidi, approached the conversation with some trepidation because David is a very talented artist, which is a "genre" of person whom I've always held in a bit of awe, like another kind of creature in contrast to me.  So how would we relate personally? Luckily, he turned promptly into a human who was very personable and seemed interested in who we were also.  Thus the talk flowed quite easily among the three of us so that as we got "into it" some insights emerged.  One of those I want to talk about. As he [...]

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Good News about Altzheimer’s!

Some actual "hard" science here and I'm talking about objective facts about the human body as official science currently understands the feared form of dementia so many older people fear, Alzheimer's! Lisa Genova in this 13 minute TedTalk reviews how the connections between neurons "plug up" and eventually can destroy the connections within the brain that physiologically account for memory. Then after listing all the bad habits that can speed up that destruction, she reveals how to bypass those blocked connections with some active living! I like what she said because it greatly reduced the vague apprehension that nags me every time I forget where I left my keys, but she does say that if I left them, say, in the refrigerator, maybe I should be concerned. Thanks to my friend, Ian [...]

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What to say to an “Alternate Ageist”

But if you don't know what an "Alternate Ageist" is, how will you know if you meet one, let alone "engage" one? With the administration of #45 now 100 days in office, alternate facts, alternate truths, alternate realities, etc. are in vogue - so I'm using "Alternate Ageist" in that quasi-political context to mean someone who denies or is ignorant of the existence of Ageism itself. That denial or ignorance can be compounded by not including ourselves in that benighted group - as the 10 point list below may demonstrate. Simply put, how many of these points have we each believed to be true...or worse, reasonable? Do we know what to say when confronted with these seemingly "truthy" (thank you, Stephen Colbert!) remarks we may hear from those around us. Recently that [...]

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Ashton Applewhite – The Time is NOW

Ashton Applewhite holding her keynote speech at the UN Ashton Applewhite is an agent against discrimination for age. For many years she is dedicating herself to create an Anti-Ageism-Movement. She is a keynote speaker in many important places like the UN commission for Ageism (we talked about that before), and she also gave us the honor to open our series CONSCIOUS AGEING at The Wisdom Factory. Since the elections in the USA, the landscape has changed dramatically and minorities have all reasons to fear that their discrimination will not only not be alleviated, but reinforced by a president and a government who enjoys fascist ways of thinking and being. Trump in Hitler posture(Thanks to the artist who is unknown to me) As native German, I still feel the panic [...]

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Sameness or difference – what is better for a good relationship?

When we get older we probably have had our experience with sameness in our relationships and also with differences. Maybe you have come to the conclusion about what is better, sameness or difference? Which is better? What do we want in a relationship? Sameness If you made a list of what you want in an intimate relationship you probably would name love mutual understanding sexual attraction harmony collaboration and probably other items for which we long and which we haven't experienced fully in our previous relationships.   In the Conscious Ageing series, we talked with Michaela Boehm who gave us some interesting insights into why we don't get what we want - as long as we want always everything at the same time. When we and our partner have a lot [...]

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Die young as late as possible

An old Facebook friend, Albert Klamt, suggested I contact a certain Hans Parge whose slogan, Die young as late as possible, made him an interesting addition to our list of proposed guests for our series on Conscious Ageing. Hans Parge I contacted him and we soon did meet via Skype for a face to face...and it felt like he was interviewing me! Curious, I went along with this approach, feeling for sometime like he was seeing if I was someone to take seriously. OK, I can understand “vetting” an interviewer, and he did speak to me with every courtesy and politeness as he inquired. But I needed to see if he was right for our show as well. I came to understand that he had worked for big pharmaceutical firms [...]

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